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True story:

My sister called me from Canada with a bad news that my Father has been in the hospital and in coma.  The consultant was suggesting that my Father will never come out of coma, and if he would, he will never be able to digest solid food.   


I asked Nasi to perform Reconnective Healing on my Father.  Nasi performed three sessions of Reconnective Healing while she was in America, while she was returning to her country, UK and the third time when she was in the UK.  My sister called with a good news that my Father was out of coma right after the second sesssion of Reconnective Heailng and he could even eat solid food.  That was a blessing.


We were very grateful to Reconnective Healing and Nasi.


S Sultan

Sacramento, CA, USA






True story: 

I personally was told that I have Bursitis after seeing a specialist in General Hospital.  I was told it will get worst in time, and I will need to get the fluid out by injections.  I hate any sort of injections.  I applied AofN, and Access Bars for a while and the discomfort was gone, therefore I went back for another MRI scan and this time, the symptoms of the Bursitis were gone.



Leicester, UK





True Story:

I have always been a bit of a cynic, so when Nasi invited me to take advantage of the therapies she practices I was a bit wary thinking that I was going to be presented with new-age mumbo-jumbo.  However, I accepted her invitation and decided to give it a chance, but I went into the first few sessions with that “so impress me” attitude.   I am generally open to new things and the more I opened myself to the possibilities that these therapies presented, the more I did become impressed. 


The techniques that Nasi uses have helped me in my day to day life to accept with dignity and calmness these things that I come up against that I have no control over.  Haven’t we all been faced with events which seem to conspire against us to create the kind of anger and frustration that raises the blood pressure and leaves us feeling unsettled?  I know, I have and yet by using the techniques that Nasi has taught me I am rapidly able to deal most effectively with those negative feelings.


During our sessions of hypnotherapy, which bears no relationship to the kind of stage hypnosis that we see on television, I am directed to deeply relaxed and comfortable place inside me where I am still aware of my surroundings and have complete control over whether I stay in  that place or not.  These sessions helped me to deal with the issues that I am faced with in life.  I begin to see each issue with greater clarity and that clarity enables me to put these issues in the right perspective.  I see that they aren’t insurmountable and I can deal with them and dilute them to such an extent that they no longer have the negative impact on me that was the case in the past.


I highly recommend that if you are faced with life issues that are difficult to deal with then do take advantage of Nasi and the therapies she uses.  You will not regret it.


Thank you Nasi!!!!



Leicester, UK







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